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Affordable fashion accessories
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Fashion Accessories: Affordable Ways to Complete Your Look

You may not think so, but the right fashion accessories can make or break an outfit. You don't need to spend a fortune to create a brand new look with basic outfits from your closet. It might take some strategic shopping to find just the right fashion accessories to compliment an outfit, but it's time (and money) well spent. In this article, we'll present some information about fashion accessories and how to use them to get that classic but fashion-forward look.

Fashion accessories are a great way to change up the look of any outfit. Three of the most important fashion accessories are belts, hats and watches.

Belts: Fashion accessories like belts can be skinny or wide, plain or embellished, real leather or faux, metal or chain -- the list is practically endless. For wardrobe basics in fashion accessories, be sure to have at least 2 leather belts -- one thin and one medium width. Choose black or dark brown. The belts can be made from a single strip of leather or from thin strips of leather braided together. The buckles on your leather belts should be plain (meaning not embellished) and metal if possible. Brushed brass or brass-looking metal with a low sheen will give the belt an upscale look.

With the basics out of the way, have some fun with inexpensive belts that can give even the most conservative outfit an up-to-date look. Chain belts are chic and can be worn at the waist or slung low below it. Chain belts are like jewelry for your clothes. Pick up a couple of inexpensive chain belts in gold and silver. Stretch belts are also popular and often have embellished clasps that draw attention to the waist. Stretch belts are both comfortable and affordable fashion accessories -- have one in black and another in a neutral color like bone or beige. Fabric belts are also inexpensive and look great with informal outfits like jeans and a crisp white shirt. Fabric belts are a great way to introduce colorful accents to a casual outfit, since they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, like animal prints, checks, stripes and even camoflage for a fun look.

From baseball caps to berets, hats are fashion accessories you can use to add a finished look to even the most casual outfit. Although some fashionistas will disagree, the baseball cap is here to stay as far as fashion accessories are concerned. Baseball caps are great for those ultra-casual occasions like a trip to the beach, an outing on a boat, an outdoor sports event, a picnic, going for a power walk or jog, taking a bike ride -- the list goes on and on. The hat itself protects your hair from the sun and win. The brim shades your face. Some baseball caps have a stiffener in the front that makes the hat stand up away from the head. Try to avoid these in favor of caps without any stiffeners that fit very close to the head. You should have a couple of baseball caps in neutral colors. Other good choices for your hat wardrobe of fashion accessories are an Indiana Jones fedora, a couple of berets and, if you live in a cool or cold climate, some knit watch caps to mix and match with your outerwear in inclement weather.

Watches: Often-overlooked when considering fashion accessories, your watch can make a statement. Since watches are fairly inexpensive fashion accessories, you should have at least 3. One casual watch with a leather band, one dressy watch and one fun watch. If you can find one, a watch with chaneable straps or bracelets is a great choice. Be sure to check that the straps that come with a changeable watch are leather and they're easy to change. There are also watches that have changeable bezels that can go from a casual day look to a formal evening look. The bezels usually screw on and off easily and often come in colors to coordinate with your outfit. Bezels decorated with crystal are usually included with this type of changeable watch.

When shopping for clothes, be sure to include some coordinating fashion accessories to give you a finished and polished look.

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